In this health food glossary, you’ll discover endless natural products for your wellbeing from the world of dietetics and nutrition.
But it’s much more than just a catalog! This glossary contains lots of information regarding the properties, traditional uses and characteristics of the health food world.

The information contained in this section is generic information regarding the potential properties and characteristics of each of the plants, foods and nutrients defined in this glossary, without prejudice to other properties or characteristics that these plants, foods and nutrients may possess
that are not listed here.

This glossary in no way constitutes a recommendation for the use of such plants, foods and nutrients, nor should it be interpreted as a recommendation to carry out or follow any specific type of diet.

In any case, these plants, foods and nutrients should not be consumed or used without first consulting with your doctor, dietitian or nutrition specialist, especially for those people with food allergies or intolerances, pregnant women, people with kidney failure, problems related to eating disorders or other pathologies.

VivePlus Group is not responsible, under any circumstances, for the consequences that may result from the ingestion or use of the plants, foods and nutrients defined in this glossary, nor does it guarantee that all the described properties and/or characteristics will have the same effects on all people.