About us

An experienced team

At the core of VivePlus Group there is a multidisciplinary team formed by professionals with experience in different areas: pharmaceutical, marketing, health law and communication. We are a well-established company that works to detect the latest market trends and adapt itself to the dietary demands of the costumers.

High professionalization

VivePlus Group invests in innovation in order to be at the forefront of intelligent dietary. Our laboratories offer great efficiency and maximum security formulas, presented in suitable displays, easy to apply, and with a rigorous active ingredients table. All of this is supported by the Customer Service Technical Department.

Customer-focused service

The impeccable business reputation of VivePlus Group is based in the principles of good practices in all our investigation, fabrication and development processes, which have been awarded several prizes by the customers themselves. We strictly comply with the dietary supplements and products legislation and we are committed to fulfilling our corporate social responsibility.